Bulgaria opens the top five. This country is best known as a frequently visited, relatively affordable holiday destination with a cheap cost of living. So you don't pay top dollar for real estate there either.

For a property in capital Sofia, a normal home will set you back around $156,800 about €140,000 (€1,400 per sq m)


As a holiday destination to visit, Montenegro is rising up the lists. Kotor, in particular, is becoming wildly popular. In terms of property prices, the Balkan country continues to dangle along at the bottom of the rankings. However, they did manage to move up one spot compared to last year.

In Podgorica, you can spend around €137,500 for a flat, house or other property.
Hardly any money, considering the beauty the country has to offer. In terms of nature, for instance, you will find the total package of beautiful lakes, gorgeous rivers and magnificent mountains.


Time for the podium. On the lowest scaffold we find Northern Macedonia. One of the country's largest cities is Orhid, where the price for a house is € 122,500. For that money, you get the beautiful Lake Ohrid and the opportunity to stay in a very nice city.

North Macedonia is also slightly emerging as a holiday destination, but generally still quite unexplored.

Fun fact: There are as many as 365 churches in Orhid. The population once thought it was a top idea to build a different church for every day of the year.


Number 2 in the ranking is a country that really should not have been there. War is good for nothing, including the values of the country's residents' homes. House prices were never very high in Ukraine. However, the country's economy was recovering in recent years. The conflict with Russia caused Ukraine's real estate prices to tumble all over the place, currently ranking second.

For a property in Kiev, you will pay roughly €101,170 for a standard home.


The cheapest European country to buy a house is Latvia! This Baltic state in north-eastern Europe has Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Belarus as neighbours. Its capital is Riga.

Latvia is generally not known as a very prosperous country. That a property in the capital costs just €95,000 is not entirely illogical.

Riga has a very nice city centre and the beach is not so far away. After just half an hour, you are already standing with your feet in the sand. You wouldn't think it at first, but it can get up to 30 degrees in summer. So in summer, a bit of beach can be very pleasant!

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