Plot with adjoining house to renovate

The object is located in the village of Sadina in the municipality of Popovo in Targovishte district. The village is big, nice and friendly only 18 km away from Popovo town area Targovishte, 65 km to Ruse, 180 km to Varna. The village has few shops, bar, restaurant, bus stop, post, library, petrol station, tendist, school, football stadium, doctor and a Library.
The garden is approximately 1.700 sq.m, In the garden there are fruit trees including apple-, plum-, fig- and nectarine trees.
Sadina and its surroundings are no longer unknown to foreigners. It is a favourite holiday destination for many Belgians, Dutch and English.
More and more foreigners buy their second homes there or come to live there permanently. The warm climate and the natural environment are the big attractions. Long
hot summers and a landscape often compared to Tuscany.
Sadina is easily accessible via Varna airport and Bucharest (Romania).
The object consists of:
First floor:       ✅ 3 rooms
Second floor: ✅ 4 rooms
Outside:           ✅ Garden  ✅ Well
The roof needs to be renewed, new floors, electricity and water pipes renewed. The walls have cracks. Windows and doors need to be renewed. The stairs to the second floor need to be repaired.

Price: € 18.000,00 

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About Sadina

The village of Sadina (Targovishte district) is located in north-east Bulgaria and is included in the Popovo municipality. It lies 18 km northeast of the municipal centre of the
city of Popovo, 30 km from Targovishe and Razgrad and about 80 km south of the city of Ruse. The village is split into 2 by the Malki Lom river.
One version for the origin of the name Sadina is the valley between the slopes that looks like a vessel (in Bulgarian "sad"/"sadina"). Western part of the village is crossed by a small river - Byulbel dere.
Sadina has paved main roads connecting the village to the town of Popovo and the villages of Zahari Stoyanov, Zaraevo, Lomtsi and Pomoshtitsa.
Sights: Several prehistoric settlements were founded, Thracian and Roman settlements, Thracian sanctuary dedicated to the Thracian horseman, medieval forts, necropolises, burial mounds; temple "Holy Trinity" (from 1868), a monument to Russian soldiers killed in 1877.