Bar/Restaurant with a large terrace

What an amazing offer!!!

ID: ELH002#

The bar / restaurant is still in use and is located in the center of the town of Elhovo, in the district of Yambol.
The object has been completely renovated
The bar / restaurant has an area of 92.05 sq.m and is in excellent condition. Via the bar / restaurant you get access to a small storage room with a surface of 3.35 sq.m, which also provides access to the kitchen with a surface of 7.24 sq.m. Another storage room with a surface of 3.06 sq.m that provides access to the toilet with washbasin. The office has an area of 8.71 sq.m.:

There is a warehouse with a surface area of 23.71 sq.m, where the boiler for heating is also located. The property is sold fully furnished. An inventory is available on request.

The house consists of: bar/restaurant, office, kitchen, warehouse, 2 storage space, terrasse.

The terrace has an area of: 2,160.00 sq.m.
The total working area is: 114.,60 sq.m.
The plot has an area of: 2,298,31 sq.m

Price: € 200.000,00

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Lovely restaurant

ID:  ELHS009

The restaurant is located a short distance from the centre of Elhovo in the district or Yambol and has an area of 200 m². It has an alarm system with CCTV footage. The toilet has an automatic light switch, mirror, washbasin and a radiator. The doors and windows are PVC and double-glazed. The restaurant has Wi-Fi and cable TV. The restaurant is still in use. It is being sold furnished. The central heating is by wood and has 6 radiators. An air conditioning system is also provided. It has a storage area for spirits. The floor is dark laminate. The walls in the kitchen are painted white and the floor is tiled The walls and floors of the toilet are tiled. The roof is in perfect condition. It is fully insulated. The kitchen includes gas cooker, sink, cooker hood several fridges, worktop, cupboards.... The garden/terrace with a veranda has an area of 300 m². You can quietly watch in the veranda. The outside floor around the terrace/garden and veranda are in natural stone. There is a small chicken coop in the garden. All documents are present0ig.

Restaurant: 200 sq.m

Garden: 300 sq.m

Price: € 160.000,00

Do you want to know more about this unique offer or live in Bulgaria? Then contact Property Quick Housing BG Ltd

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The town of Elhovo is situated in the southeast part of Bulgaria. It is very well positioned between the most attractive coastal and mountain resorts in Bulgaria and extremely close to Turkey and its resorts - the state boundary with Turkey passes about 30 km to the south-east of the town.
Elhovo is situated in the centre of the Elhovo Field (100-150 m above the sea level) along the valley of the Lower Toundzha River and is surrounded by the slanting slopes of the Manastir and Dervent Elevations and Stranja Mountain.
The average January temperature is about 0° С, the average July temperature is about 23° С.