House to renovate with 2 floors


The property is located in the center of the city of Topolovgrad in the Haskovo District in the South-Central of Bulgaria. The property has a wonderful view over the city of Topolovgrad.
The property has wooden doors and windows with single glazing. It is fully furnished. Heating is via a wood stove. The property needs to be completely renovated.
The rooms are painted. The floors are made of wood.

The property consists of: ✅ 4 rooms,  ✅ 2 sinks, ✅ 2 outbuildings, ✅ 2 floors, ✅ kitchen, ✅ garden, ✅ living room, ✅ balcony.
🏫 125 sq.m.
Land: 985 sq.m.
Outbuldings 96 sq.m

The village has the following facilities: 2 schools, 3 kindergarten, dentist, doctor, 3 casinos, 2 bars/restaurants, 2 swimming pools, police station, court, hospital, 3 shops.

Plot: 1.206 sq.m.

Price: € 13.000,00

Do you want to know more about this unique offer? Then contact Property Quick Housing BG Ltd.

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About Topolovgrad

The town of Topolovgrad (Haskovo District) is located in South-Central Bulgaria and is municipal center of Topolovgrad municipality It is situated at the northern foot of the Sakar Mountain, 27 km to the southwest of the town of Elhovo. The region has been populated ever since antiquity. The first written evidence of the existence of Topolovgrad dates to the 16th c. when the town, then named as Kavukli (from Turkish kavak, "poplar"). The Bulgarian name Topolovgrad (topola is "poplar" in Bulgarian) is from 1934.
Around year of 1925 near 4,000 Greeks emigrated from the town and its surroundings and Bulgarian refugees from Western Thrace, Eastern Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedonia coming at their place.

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