Property for sale in village Sharkovo


The property is located in the village Sharkovo in the municipality Bolyarovo, district Yambol.

The doors and windows are made of white wood. The floors are made of tiles. There is no kitchen and bathroom. The heating is by air conditioning. The toilet is located next to the house.

The entrance hall and all rooms are wallpapered. The ceilings are made of wood and painted white.

The house is for sale including the furniture. Downstairs is a room with a light blue washbasin where you can freshen up and cupboards for food, furthermore a bedroom with 2 single beds and a hob.

Via 11 steps you reach the upper floor which consists of a living room, a hall and 2 bedrooms.

The property is ± 7 km from the Turkish border and ± 5 km from the village of Malkovo Sharkovo Dam. It is the second largest dam in Bulgaria and what is unique to it is its genuine dyke. Here you can go sailing, surfing and water skiing…

Selling Price: € 6.600,00

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