A residential house with 4 bedrooms


The property is located in the town of Elhovo in Elhovo municipality and Yambol district. The house is located near the town centre. Across the street is a supermarket for shopping. The property has a communal garden. The property is fully furnished. The heating is air-conditioned.

The property comprises: living room, kitchen with gas stove, microwave, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, guest toilet, balcony, communal garden, hall.

Living area is: 118 sq.m

Rent: € 175,00 per month

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The town of Elhovo is situated in the southeast part of Bulgaria. It is very well positioned between the most attractive coastal and mountain resorts in Bulgaria and extremely close to Turkey and its resorts - the state boundary with Turkey passes about 30 km to the south-east of the town.
Elhovo is situated in the centre of the Elhovo Field (100-150 m above the sea level) along the valley of the Lower Toundzha River and is surrounded by the slanting slopes of the Manastir and Dervent Elevations and Stranja Mountain.
The average January temperature is about 0° С, the average July temperature is about 23° С.

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